That’s What’s Up

It is the simultaneous tragedy and wonder that we call “finals week” in my banal life.

Because final exams last one-hundred-and-fifty minutes, Dr. Bad Witch has four blocks of pseudo-free time this week. While I sit and watch thirty-odd young adults make an attempt at conjuring answers for questions to which they didn’t bother listening, I can regal you with some odd little snippets that I’ve been carrying around in my brain but haven’t been able to formulate into developed thoughts worthy of a sonorous blog entry. These notions are:

  • A thought about the binding of Isaac. (And my students just may be electrified to see their semester-long tyrant overcome with emotion if I don’t watch it. Just allergies, boys and girls. Damned late-Autumn mold.)
  • In reaction to a question posed by a new friend, a rundown of my “formal” training – and how this relates to my plans for winter break.
  • Some news concerning my new business.
  • Oedipus the King, or Why it’s hard to get bacon fat off a bicycle seat. Just wait and see.

See you there?

2 comments on “That’s What’s Up

  1. BernieLuvsEllen says:

    This was a clever post. I enjoyed it. LOL Seems like you did accomplish something– whoever said you couldn’t write 1 post talking about various posts you would like to write–no one. So there ya go!

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