Momma Always Said, “If You Can’t Say Somethun Nice . . .”

. . . don’t say nothun at all.

And today is The Bad Witches Fabulous Momma’s birthday so we’ll respect that rule. She is a lovely 47 years old. (That’s her story and we are sticking with it. She’s my momma.) However, just coz I don’t have nothun good to say doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to read at Witch Christina’s Magic Library.

Happy reading.

(Now, just to be clear. I love my momma but my auntie was always my idol. And she said, “If you can’t say somethun nice, pull yourself up a chair and set a while.” The Bad Witch will be back in full form soon. Just let me get through final exams.)

One comment on “Momma Always Said, “If You Can’t Say Somethun Nice . . .”

  1. kprob says:

    I completely understand about the finals–I have one lecture left on Monday, and the final is Wednesday–and I still have to write the both the lecture and the test.

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