About The Bad Witch(s)

Photo from Scuffletown, by J-Dogg

Merry Meet,

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are not The Bad Witches–we are those who have run up against some bad witches and got their green-face-paint smeared off on us enough that we wanted to warn you about a few things.

I am Ehsha, and I am The Original Bad Witch. Not because I am evil or ineffectual, on the contrary. I have a strong moral compass and an efficacy that often blows even my mind.

I am an ordained Pagan minister (not the web kind, either). I have been teaching The Craft since 2008.

Though I was raised in a charismatic Pentecostal tradition and educated by Jesuits, it never really suited me. I am mediumistic, intuitive-prophetic, clairsentient, and empathic (often to my own undoing), so the Ecclesiastic tradition does not welcome me. I have “dreamed” and “heard” and “seen” and “known” since I was pre-adolescent. The stuff of the aether has always been attracted to me and it could have been a dreadful childhood “impairment.” Fortunately, my mother is half-Creek, so there has always been some Pagan flavor in my religious upbringing. Grandmother, for whom I derived my magical name, was also a sensitive.

Momma’s other half is Scot. Our family name means “Dark Foreigner,” so we know we were descended from the Norse and perhaps the Danes. We came from Lorne, an area (near Argyll) that was on the border of the Goidelic people and the Picts.

I also trace my linage back, on Daddy’s side, to “Baptized Heathens.” A direct descendant from an immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia on September 26, 1732, on the English ship Mary of London (our ancestors hailed from The Pa latinate Area near the Rhein), I have traced my direct liniage back to  Oppau, German in the early 15th Century (The History of the City of Ludwigshafen, the Population of Oppau and Edigheim, 1480-1813). Anybody who can get me to family before then will be rewarded!  About sixty years after my family arrived in the States, an ancestor settled in the Cherokee village of Villanow, near Echota, the capital of the Cherokee Nation.

I’m from so many country-folk. I figure it’s best to embrace it: I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll – or at least I pretend to be. (Thank you Osmonds.)

I have studied neoPagan Witchcraft since I was a teenager in the 1980s. I began studying Hermetics, Thelema, Theurgy (Enochian Angelic Evocation as well as Solomonic Goetia), Chaos, kabbalah, and Kemetics in the 1990s.

I read voraciously and write sporadically. (And parenthetically.)

The Bad Witch is WitchVox Friendly

Pleased to meet you,

The (Original) Bad Witch, Ehsha

Blessed be, Quarks, and 93!

(C) 2007-2012. Plagiarism sucks to high-heaven. All content on The Bad Witch Files is public domain. But, TBW has cast an anti-piracy “spell” on her blog(s) and if you don’t give credit for what you  cut-and-paste, you will pay, one way or another. It’s fair, right?

11 comments on “About The Bad Witch(s)

  1. Kourtney says:

    Love the title of the blog! Excellent! Great post, love the ‘getting to know you’ kind! Thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hop!


  2. […] … who else is going to tell you these things? About The Bad Witch […]

  3. Josie says:

    So i’ve been reading your page, your blogs and your tweets recently and you seem pretty cool, but who is this “bad witch” you always seem to be talking about him/her. And you identify as the good witch in this situation? Oh and also you said you rescue stray kitties how many do you have, I just ask because I also rescue strays and i’ve got a lot of kitties.

    • Josie,

      I replied similarly to your comment on “D is for Dianic.” Judging by your IP, you are right in my hometown. Hard to believe you don’t know the back-story on this.

      If you have been reading all of my posts lately, then you’ll not mind going one further and reading the page to which you added this comment. *I* am (in an ironic twist of word-play) The Bad Witch. (I am, in reality a very, very good witch.) Want to know more? Read “A is for Apple.”

      If that doesn’t answer your questions, ask around the local community – you’ll get an earful of “who’s the bad witch.”


  4. A says:

    funny, I have the same lineage…K——r?

    • Yup. Hiya, coz. Nice to meet you.
      We are everywhere! Our progenitors were very prolific.
      Let me know if you find out more than I do – we can put our heads together. I have a bunch of stuff coming out of the “cave years” that I think you’ll find interesting.

  5. Bad Witch says:


    I realise we have very similar blog names. I write A Bad Witch’s Blog at http://www.badwitch.co.uk!

  6. Gadfly says:

    Thank you for allowing me into this eerie Domain
    As you percieve i am in merrie england where i haunt the spooky passage ways of olde London towne, the ancient tracks through our mist shrouded woodlands and the windswept moors. The name ‘Gadfly’ was inferred on me by a former Domme who i was (still am?) her factotum. My only connection to across the Atlantic is having appeared in a major role in the stage version of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. I don’t think it prudent to discuss my initiate rites suffice to say that i was trained under Merkah real name Olga Dorne Sambell.

  7. Sam Maples says:

    Merry Meet

    I found your blog by complete accident. I usually don’t bother with them but I must say yours I found of interest.

    Blessed Be

  8. Nancy Cleek Dolan says:

    Greetings! You and I share some commonalities. I too, was raised Pentecostal but felt the need to move on due to my ‘abilities’ which include clairvoyance, visions, prophesy, etc… It appears our ancestors made the same trip to Philadelphia aboard the ship Mary of London in Sept. 1732. Baltus Cleek/Click died at sea but his 4 sons Michael, Jacob, Mathius (my direct descendant) Palser, and wife survived. Perhaps your ancestors and mine knew one another… The Cleeks/Clicks lived in the Palatinate area, and settled in Alsace, Germany prior to immigrating. Blessings!

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