Just to Clarify

Gebo is not a secular idea. It is *sacred.* To snub it is to snub the sacred. Got it?

Like the law of return, karmic law, rule of ten, or whatever you call it. What you put out is what you get back.


It is not about *tangible* gifts. Those who get all caught up in the material aspect of gifting are missing the point. Giving loyalty, love, support, affirmations, energy, thoughts, affection, and advice are all ways to reciprocate. The best ways if you ask me. Saying that these things aren’t of “equal value” is just downright nasty.

All TBW ever asks for is loyalty – and the odd Pall Mall now and again. For that, I would give you the world.

I’m trying to write a real post about Dennis Quaid, Arya Stark, and Carl Grimes – and dogs. Don’t wait up.

B, Q, and 93!


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