The Bad Witch Responds to DC40

To my brothers and sisters under the Almighty,

Thank you for your prayers and for the energy necessary to create such a statement as the one released September 13, 2011.

I agree absolutely that the blessings of the Creator cannot and will not be undermined; it is true that “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at [those who try to undo His Will].”

I am grateful to you for “releasing the power” of the Almighty’s “light” on me and I thank you for the “love” you send my way. For it only makes me stronger.

That “eternal light flood” my heart “this day with the revelation of who” I really am and that God reveal His great and Awesome Self to me is my daily prayer; and I am thankful that you recognize that we were all created by the same Almighty Force.

I ask that you continue to direct your spiritually energized “arrows” at me. I can use it!

As one dedicated to the promulgation of our beautiful Path, I have seen the Pagan community grow in my own backyard like a beautiful garden; it is always good to see folks attend to their spiritual needs and find the love of the Creator as he blesses their lives.

As you have requested, I do not send my energies back to you in kind. Therefore, again, I thank you for the freely given gift.

In Perfect Love and in Perfect Trust,

The Bad Witch

Now, good readers (Bad Readers?), I don’t truly believe that this group intends “love,”[1] but all energy is useful energy, and I lay claim to every ounce of it.

Also, I don’t see this as indicative of the Christian community at all. A true Christian will stay home and pray in private. I have lots of Christians in my life and I love them all. And they love me.

Blessed Be.

[1] It’s like when my little Freshman say, “Yes, Ma’me,” in that way that truly means, “Eff You.”

3 comments on “The Bad Witch Responds to DC40

  1. polyphanes says:

    A far more adept and level-headed reply than mine. It’s like a splash of cold water on the face. I appreciate that. 😀

  2. […] really don’t talk about politics too often, do I? There was that DC40 thing last fall and the PantheaCon thing. But I don’t usually “go […]

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