Vitiki Vocalizations

I’ve been having a ton of fun this week putting together various bits of galdr. A bit of a poet at heart with a real penchant for Old English kennings and alliteration, this kind of work is fun.

But then–the vocalizations. It seems I’d become a bit inhibited in my old age.

There are elements of vocalization which play with vowels, nasals, and frictives (think of the familiar Apache “squaw-dance songs”), keening (think of the Banshee or Bean-shìð or even a little like ululation), and yoiking (traditional to the Sami people, but we see it in American rural culture too).

I could LBRP with the best of them karaoke with the worst of them. But when it came to undefined vocalizing, over the last few weeks, I’ve frozen.

I started wondering WTF? It wasn’t range, a natural sopralto, I’ve got this. It wasn’t know how. Because, damn, I got this. It wasn’t audience—I couldn’t even get it up in the car.

Then I realized, this is where my real power is.

The Husband has made a habit of howling, “Ahooo,” a la Warren Zevon these days.

Right now, I’m a little wary of tossing my resources about. Not that I toss wily-nily. But I’m storing it up. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until—well, until I realized I was doing it. Like tucking a dollar away every day for a bigger purchase. Like damming a river for a bigger deluge.

I’m doing a workshop and demonstrating a ritual for a neighboring Pagan grove on Sunday. It will focus on stav meditation and vitiki vocalizations–the practice of chanting the runes to internalize their vim and verve. It’s a good way for me to practice making a little noise without blowing my magical load, as it were.

As ever, I’ll let you know how it goes.


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