Kitchen Witching

Maybe reposting for the Pagan Blog Project is cheating. But right now, of all the things I has on my mind, ain’t none of ’em start with K.

Back in November, I was asked (in this post): “What exactly is a kitchen witch?”

After I made my answer, I got a funny reply from a “disgruntled reader.” Rather than reposting both posts in toto, I’ll just summarize.

In the original answer, TBW said (emphasis added):

A kitchen witch is a practitioner that works in practical ways around the house.

There’s no “high ceremony” or formalized “ritual” involved – except those beautifully discreet rituals hidden deep within the nature of cooking and cleaning itself. Imagine the “zone” you go into while doing laundry, the hum of the dryer, the repetitive folding. Think of that as meditation (and a perfect time for casting). There is magic in domestic work. Why do you think the Witch’s favorite item is a broom?

Knives are athames. As are slotted spoons. Dutch ovens are cauldrons. Aprons are vestments. And there’s always wine.

Nice enough, no?

Well, not if you’re scrapping for a fight.

If you are, you might take some of that as an insult.

I mean, you’d have to be scrapping and you’d have to dig real deep – and you’d have to read into the statement things that were not said.

But hey, some folks live for the drama of that shite.

My answer on the following day ran like this (and many of you looooved it – don’t think I got so many “Amens” aside from my commentary on Z. Budapest):

My question becomes, “Who the [feck] is ignorant enough to think that domesticity is menial? Or that to call something ‘domestic’ is derisive?” Domestic work, while completely undervalued by the mainstream culture of our capitalist patriarchy, is where magic is found, boys and girls.

HOME is where babies are made, suckled, and raised; HOME is where values are formed, reformed, and reformed again; HOME is where olfactory memories are slap-you-upside-the-head-in-the-middle-of-a-Monday rooted; HOME is where intimacy reigns supreme; Home is where love is (almost always) guaranteed; HOME is where we are safe (typically); HOME is where music lives its whole life on a porch swing (even slap in the middle of Chicago’s ghetto); and HOME is where we all want to go even when we don’t even feel like moving. (And now, I miss my Mommy.)

Ask any Kitchen Witch worth her salt, any Hedgewitch, Green Witch, Midwife, Hearthwitch or Cottage Witch with any understanding of her craft at all and she will tell you, “Hell yeah, Witchcraft is domestic,” or should I say good or effective and honest Witchcraft is domestic (unlike that other shite that puts on airs), “because home is [fecking] everything!”

Only someone with an ego based in acquiring acceptance from said capitalistic patriarchy would demean what women do by calling my comment an insult. To that, I say, “[Feck] that noise.” If your Magick ain’t from a soul that grew up in a home instead of a “house”, no wonder nothing seems to work for you. And no wonder you think I’m the bad Witch.

I have to have some coffee and go to work now, but when I get home, I’ll try to sit a spell and tell you what’s really on my mind.

B, Q, 93,