Very Inspiring Blogger Award

When I poked my head in the WordPress door this afternoon to update all of my vacation entries, lo, and behold, I have been honored with another blogger award. This time The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Ayslyn’s Corner


In between crafting a Chicago-style hot-dawg (kosher dawg, mustard, onion, tomato, celery salt, and cucumber on a poppy-seed bun) for The Bad Hubby, thinking up a lesson on The Soma Sofia, cleaning up from vacation unpacking, picking up school schedules, yearbook pictures, and locker assignments, and deciding whether or not I can get arsed to go to tomorrow’s faculty meeting, I think I can finally participate in one of these bad-boys. I mean, the rules are easy enough:

  • Display the award certificate on your blog. Done.
  • Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award. Doing it.
  • Post seven interesting facts about yourself. Got it.
  • Present seven awards to deserving bloggers. Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off. I’m on it.

But here’s the gameplan on that last one. The Bad Witch is not crazy about nepotism. We have a nice little community here and we’ve all stopped over at each other’s joints from time to time to kick the tires and such. Some of us even stay a spell, add to each other’s blogrolls, guest post, etc. I decided to bring in some new blood by dragging along seven completely new blogs that I found over the last month or so. So, if you are a loyal reader, friend, fellow-blogger, or any combination of those – don’t despair; The Bad Witch adores you.

Now these seven blogs caught my fancy for one reason or another. I expect that you will like some and not others, after all I found them while looking for specific things. But I figure it’s good to walk around the neighborhood rather than be the lady across the street who never leaves her driveway. (I think she might be first on my list to pay a quick visit!) My hope is that we will all make a new friend or three.

  1. Ask a Pagan: Where you can ask your questions and receive personal answers!
  2. The Informed Pagan – You know how I like my information to be well-informed, right? Gotcha covered.
  3. Pagan Preacher – This is a former-believer after my own heart.
  4. The Allergic Pagan – A refreshing look at balancing heath and spirituality.
  5. This Pagan House – A real Pagan living a real Pagan’s life.
  6. Pagans Promoting Healthy Active Tendencies (PHAT) @ “fitpagan” – First line in the “About” page had me hooked: “Many say that Pagans are just a bunch of overweight feminists.”
  7. Ozark Pagan Mamma – IMHO, the best blog out there about Southern Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, Cooking, Crafting, and being a Mamma.

Hope y’all enjoy each other’s company as much as I have.

Now, yet seven more things about The Bad Witch? Let’s see, this has to be items you don’t already have access to via TBW Files, right? First time I gave you random facts, last time I gave you vacation facts, this time I’ll give you household facts.

  1. I bought my house in 04, it was a money-pit. Today it is worth >twice what I payed for it, even in a recession.
  2. I planted Wisteria too close to my fence. Oops. Today The Bad Hubby is doing overdue repairs.
  3. I have two kitchens. Two full kitchens. The basement was an in-law sort-of thing and the previous owners installed cabinetry and appliances for the rents-in-law. People are amazed when they realize I have two kitchens. Personally I forget that it’s not normal.
  4. Speaking of basements, I have to have one. (I like to be “caved” in – my favorite destination as a kid was Mammoth Cave National Park. One day I’ll tell you a little more about my family’s “bat” cave.) Growing up in the Midwest makes one understand the virtue of being able to go underground in the springtime. Houses in the South tend not to have basements. I’m a lucky girl.
  5. I hated my house from the curb – kinda still do. But when I walked in the front door, the fireplace pulled me in and kept me.
  6. I have seven (small) Kandinsky reproductions and six (even smaller) Matisse reproductions, one Dali reproduction and one Dali original abstract. Altogether they value around-about $firewood.
  7. While there are distinctly Pagan items visible all over my house, you would not be hard-pressed to find a Bible tucked away somewhere in any given room of my house. It’s like the Gideons came over. As for the remote? That might be a little harder to find.

I encourage you not just to look at my list but to poke around their blogrolls as well. Though, now that I think of it, that sounds a tad personal.

Blessings, quarks, 93!