Mommafied Deep Hurt Fix Dust

Per my last post: Y’all tell me how this works for ya.

Mommafied Deep Hurt Fix Dust

I can’t give you the ingredient list, sorry.

Take des here and put in a grinder what ain’t a’ready been groun’ up. Gotsa crush ‘em bones an’ teeth fois’. Then puts ‘em in a bottle and shake it up real good like.

Now, dis’s special. . . . . Shite, can’t tell you that neither.

Whatcho gwin do is dis. You gwin take the fix dust and put it where people’s gwin touch it or step cross’n it. Cain’t do dis wid pichers o’footprints. Dey gotsa come in contact wid it fo it t’werk right.

But when it werk right, you gwin know. And you goin’ be skeered a’fois. But as long as you know you done right by puttin’ the fix, it’s gwin be a’right.

Now, if’n you fix some’ don’t need fixin, you gotsa pro’lem. You gotsa take the fix back. Like it or not, it’s comin’ back, may’s well take it. You gotsa do a Virginia Wash[*] of everything you got. Then when the fix come back, it lessen the blow. It gwin getch you, but it won’t be so bad ‘cuz you done buffered the blow.

[*] She didn’t tell me what this is but said that if I mix Fiery Wall of Protection and Unhexing “it should work OK.”

I should let you know that ML had a few teeth gone when we met in 07. I rekon there were more gone by now. Sounded like “Voigineea Wash,” but it was pointed out to me that it could be “Virgin Wash,” though I am unfamiliar with that too. God, I hope it’s not some other kind of V wash . . . Hmmmm, reckon I might should go look in a French dictionary. Witches’ “Duh.”

Also, it always cracked me up that Mama would go on and on all country-like and say something like “buffered.” She had style and she talked to a lot of people from a lot of places. Mama said words even TBW had to look up.