Megaera (Take 2)

This is a bit of a reblog. Having gotten off track of too many healthy projects, I find I’m lagging. Keeping my commitment to this Blog Project is part of reclaiming my Better Self. Almost all of this is unaltered from the original. I’ve changed some tense to have it make sense as something that happened about ten weeks ago.

At the end of May, I was tapped on the shoulder and reminded to look at the Furies (or Erinyes) particularly Megaera.[1] At the time, I couldn’t figure out what an ancient Greek chthonic energy wanted with me, but I think my hunches were good.

You see, at the time, The Bad Witch had made a new Witch friend and wasn’t really sure what to think of it all. I wasn’t sure if there was just a lot of bumbling going on or if this person was intentionally acting like a twat. So, like I do, I put together a little reveal spell that went a little something like this (given that X = intentional twattary):

If X = yes, then Y: If X = no, then Z. If, however, X = only sort-of, than Y/10+2.

Well, I got an awful lot of Y. If you want the long story of what happened there, see “Hell Hath No Fury.” How I sometimes hate being right.

It’s almost as if She was just waiting in the wings for me to ask. Worn out with chronic BS, but still trying to “keep the peace,” I cried out, “Somebody, help me make this twattery stop!” And, who answered? Megaera.

This is only the second time something like this has happened to me. The first time, I told you about Hestia. Let me (re)tell you a little about my friend, Meg.[2]

This is Meg kicking some bee-hind on the North Frieze of The Pergamon Altar

The Furies or Erinyes were a lot like Dexter Morgan in that they punished those who got away with murder. If you committed a crime and somehow weaseled your way out of justice, the Erinyes found out. A victim of cosmic injustice[3] could ask for an intervention. I’m told that one of their particular pet-peeves was matri/patricide[4] but one might also land on the Erinyes’ naughty-list by oath-breaking, ingratitude, unfilial conduct, general disrespect to others, manipulations that challenge the “order of things” (I see this as accomplished by magically overstepping ones’ bounds), callousness, and breaking the laws of hospitality.

Yea, that all pisses me the hell off too. So, basically, they are good Heathens like me.

I’ve also learned that Megaera, as well as her two sisters, Alecto, and Tisiphone are “impartial and impersonal” which makes them excellent judges who are not swayed by doe-eyed pleas for “understanding” or weepy apologies which are nothing more than devious machinations. I kinda like that about them as I have seen too many human-folks taken in by Oscar-class manipulators. Their lack of naiveté makes them easier to respect than humans whose yearnings stand in between them and Truth.

I also like it that they hound malefactors like an English Pointer on a blood trail until the offenders are either driven mad (with guilt) and/or die of illness or disease (if they refuse to admit their guilt). Another thing I like is that the wrath of the Erinyes is unrelenting. It can only be placated through atonement. In other words, if you’ve effed up, you have to fix it. You can’t just let it go and say: “Oh, well. That bell can’t be unrung,” “It’s out there; I can’t take it back,” or “I can’t do anything about that now,” or “Sure, I’ve diss-ed you to others but I can’t change what they think of you based on my having repeatedly and relentlessly having slandered your name with my innovative distortions.” Meg has made it perfectly clear to me that denying responsibility won’t fly with her and her sisters.

Oh, and they do fly.

When she first showed up, I couldn’t imagine what the personification of a “jealous woman” was doing on my doorstep. Then I realized: both gratitude and envy are motivated by memory. There’s more in the original about this. You can also read a whole post about Jealousy.

Then, I got it. Megaera is not one who encourages jealousy, she is one who punishes people who commit crimes in the name of jealousy. I’m slow, I know. This isn’t my pantheon, folks. I’m learning as they show up.

So then I had a good laugh. Somebody wants my life? I can’t think of any justice better than to let them have it. I want to watch someone with a constitution that allows such jealousy try to keep the ground under them. Seeing as jealousy usually results from arrogance and greed, resources would run short before Vanity was satisfied. I want to watch the person who needs constant encouragement as they forego all external validations (while simultaneously fighting mendacious adversaries) and dig deep inside themselves to recognize that all they are getting is the pleasure of having “done the right thing.”

Read my thoughts about how having a scapegoat (like a Bad Witch) helps ailing communities get stronger through the “mimetic cycle of violence” at the root of human culture.[5]

In less than three months since first contact, Meg has cordoned off the most exasperating figures from my life before I had a chance to get tangled in chasing another B’Rabby and B’Booky tale. At the time, I thought I could just keep my eyes open and keep myself safe; fortunately, I had a support system that knew better and saw to my safety in spite of my meddling.

Blessings, Quarks, & 93

The Bad Witch

[1] Like many other cultures’ personification of “Fate,” the Furies are three women: Alecto the unceasing, Tisiphone the avenging, and Megaera, the jealous.

[2] Pardon me darlin’ if I get a little Norn on your pretty stola, it’s what I know.

[3] I always reckoned cosmic injustice was a possibility but my belief-system involving Wyrd kept me from being convinced. I’m starting to change my mind.

[4] This isn’t unique; every culture, including Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus, have a bit to say about all this too.

[5] And if you are wondering how TBW get tangled up in so many different relationships, let me clarify: it’s the same damned one.


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