Bad Witch Crafts

imageAnybody need some Bad Witch Crafts?

The Bad Witch has been tooling around for some time now. Mostly I was making gifties for Initiations and Yule and Comings-of-Age, but the demand grew and a small retail venture was born.

I work mostly in brass, wood and glass, but I loves me some marble and granite. I make Books of Shadows, altar boxes, wands, staffs, and tables of practice as well as other less utilitarian pretties.

I’m happy to work with your designs, so don’t feel limited by what I show here. Email for pricesheet and details. 10% discount will be offered to WordPress and Twitter followers.

Blessings, Quarks, and 93,

The Bad Witch

More pictures to follow. (This is just what I finished for Mabon 2011.)


Now available on Etsy –