Pagan Pages Blog Hop Brilliant Blogger

The Pagan Pages Blog Hop has honored me with the August, 2012 “Brilliant Blogger Award.” Thank you!

According to The Pagan Pages Blog Hop:

This isn’t your typical blog hop! We’re here to help you get the most out of your blog hopping experience. Instead of weekly hops that tend to be over long before you get through the whole list, we offer a whole month of hopping! And instead of endless links to varied posts and sites, we give you categories to place your direct-post links! So as a blogger you know whom ever is looking at this hop will find what they are looking for and hopefully that’s you! As a reader, you get to skip all the others and go right to what interests you most! It’s blog hopping made easy, organized and fun!

As a blogger myself, I find lots of great blog hops… but rarely do they have what I’m looking for. While this blog hop may be geared in the direction of paganism, it will have plenty of other areas to discover as well. From family to crafting, recipes to giveaways; our hope is that you’ll always be able to find what you’ve been looking for!

The Pagan Pages Blog Hop offers these categories: “Sabbat/Esbats/Pathwork,” “Spirituality/Metaphysical,” “Giveaways/Reviews,” “Guest Blogs/Tours/Parties,” “Recipes,” “Crafts/Sewing/DIY,” “Family/Marriage/Parenting,” as well as categories for those new to the hop and miscellany.

I thoroughly enjoy the friends I’ve made via the PP Blog Hop. There are plenty of worthwhile pages to peruse over there, so I encourage you to have a look-see at the list of fine blogs over by there, as we say in Chicago. I am entirely flattered by this award.

In keeping with tradition, I have a few questions to answer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. –
I’m a 41 year old Sag, born on the Southside of Chicago and transplanted to “the motherland” where I spent every summer, Alabama, to finish graduate work – I earned a PhD in English (American) Literature (Film) in 2008. Both of my parents were raised in North Bama and moved to Chicago in the 50s as the tail-end of the agrarian exodus. I have my ancestry traced back to Salem, to The Massachusetts Bay Colony, to the Pennsylvania Dutch, and to Native American peoples: the Creek, the Cherokee, and the Delaware Lanape “Praying Indians.”

What drove you to starting your own blog? –
I’d had a bizarre few months, full of experiences with three of the “worst Witches” I’d ever known. My goal was to record the experience and to warn others off of such pitfalls. I never got to it because it struck me as poor taste to expose the true truth about my neighbor, a Pagan here in the Deep South. At any rate, I have found nearly two years worth of more interesting topi. Almost immediately, I found that blogging was a fine way to explore the deeper implications of our religious choices. This is what has kept me going for 145 posts.

What is it that you like to blog most about? –
Pagan theologies, Pagan hermenutics, and Pagan ethics. Not that I claim to have the be-all-end-all answers of any of these things, of course. I like to challenge the status quo and to encourage my readers to think while they watch me struggle with my own uncomfortable moments of introspection.

Your thoughts on PPBH? –
It took me a hot minute to get up to speed but it’s been very worthwhile; I have been introduced to some mighty fine bloggers and have made a good friend or two in the bargain.
Anything else you’d like to add? –

I’ve had a wild flu this week and have gotten behind on a few things. Given my ticker, even the slightest whatsit can pull my expiration date closer than I’d like, and even the mildest OTC makes me swing like a pendulum affirming the most positive reply. So, I have only done the things which cannot be put off until tomorrow. Placing friendships and family first, like a good Heathen, I have spent time at local fiction/poetry readings, at “light” social gatherings, and welcoming The Bad Husband back to The States (yes, again); even at that, I have worn myself out quicker than usual. This has lead to two seasons of Downton Abbey,, and baked figs with Saigon cinnamon and butter. Not a bad lot, eh?

Once I’ve recovered entirely, I will get to my R post for the PBP, the end of my comparative religions reply to TRLT, and a commentary on an odd message I received concerning “ego” and complacency.

And, I have some new plans for The Files in the works – at least I think I do.

Thanks again for the honor. I hope I live up to it!

B, Q, 93