There’s More To Come

It’s been like that, y’all.

On my desktop, I have a syllabus that needs finishing, another that needs starting, a poem that has a comma that’s not sitting well with me, a short story (solicited for an anthology with an impending due date) with a great ending and a hot beginning but a fuzzy middle part, several articles that I got half-way through reading before life pulled me away, a spell that needs casting (waiting for the moon), and a picture of what I want The Bad Husband’s new pergola to look like in the yard that I may be selling in less than six months. Ah, well. In time.

I also have five unfinished posts sitting on my desktop.

  • One on “Withholding.” You know the abusive, controlling type? Like that friend who swears undying love in private but then won’t hold your hand in public? Or the momma that says, “You’re like the daughter I never had,” in front of her biological offspring. That kinda badness has magical consequences when  the perpetrator happens to also be a Witch. And I’ve been watching it unfold before my eyes. Hold on to your butts. This will be a File for the books.
  • One on magic in the Bible. I told you I would write that up, and I keep my promises.
  • One on The Good Witch/Bad Witch dichotomy.
  • One on Keridwen – I still never finished that one. Had to let the feathers settle, I guess.
  • One on Iambic Pentameter. No, really. It’s very witchy.

So, just give me a couple of weeks and I’ll try polishing everything off. In the meantime, let me tell you what pulls me away today.


It seems that my beautiful Mama Lisa had a package set aside for me when she crossed the road. Her grand-nephew (who is becoming a friend, so I haven’t really lost anything, have I?) found it while going through her things.

I went to today’s mail hoping to find the first disk of the 1980s TV show, Friday the 13th, to show the kids. I had a bit of a surprise instead. A a bubble-wrap-lined manila envelope with my name and address in what I assume is Mama Lisa’s scrawl. Inside was a note from Grand-Nephew: “She had this ready to send. Best Regards — ” And a pink “sticky” note from Mama Lisa: ” —- There is more to come” (she was never long on words, especially in writing), affixed to a cassette tape.

The cassette, a standard grade Maxell XLII Gold 90 minute cassette with no other markings, seemed familiar enough in the hands of a woman who’d been the recipient of many a mix-tape. But now I sit staring at the booger thinking, “What am I going to play this on?”

And it hit me.

The Bad Witch will be spending some time sitting in her car, in temperatures in excess of 100 degrees (or a rainstorm, please let it rain here), listening to whatever Mama Lisa had in store for me. And finding out what “more’ is “to come.”

I’m a little freaked out by “ooooohhhh, voices from beyond, boo-ga-da-boo-ga-da” ideas (and the cryptic sticky note, I’m not gonna lie – it’s a little weird), a little giddy that she thought so much of me to send me anything at all – whatever it is, and simultaneously a little nervous that I’ll be disappointed – I mean, what if it’s nothing more than a bad copy of Foreigner?

I’ll keep you in the loop. Apparently, “There is more to come.”

“Best Regards,”

The Bad Witch