Holy cow this is reaching way back in the Bad Closet to find an outfit. But I was re-reading some old files and thought you might want to too.

The Bad Witch Files

In “When We Get Exactly What We Ask For,” I made a comment about “control freaks,” not realizing how provocative this would be.

Anyone who has worked with magick for very long at all knows that there is a difference between our ordinary lives and our magickal lives. And this difference runs much deeper than simple semantics. The comment I intended to make was directed at the banal kind of control exacted in ordinary life, in a “pop-psych slang” sort of way. It had nothing whatsoever to do with control in one’s magickal life.

But it does bring up an interesting point. What’s the difference?

In American pop-psych, we call folks “control freaks” when they have a hard-wired defense mechanism which they use to shield themselves against their own inner vulnerabilities. These people are doomed to re-experience their own internal angst over and again (until they discover what…

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