Wanna Dance

For those of you not yet following Ehsha–here’s what’s on the plate for today: Wanna Dance?

Witchcraft From Scratch

For three days everything in my body and everything swirling around me said, “Be still.”

So I did. I waited and I listened.

Today, there was an old corn-dance song straining at my soul all morning: first the call, then the answer. ‘Round about two o’clock, everything told me to dance.[1] It called—I answered.

Whether it was the moon or the storm or the thin-veil, I got the urge to dance in the middle of a Monday. So I lit a fire.

When I was little, I always looked at the women dancing with shells tied to their knees and wanted to feel the weight of a turtle-bunch on my scrawny legs. But I was told, “No, no. Little girls keep to the outside.” Never as close to the fire as I wanted to be, always feeling the desire to be in the thick of it, I kept my…

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