The Bad Witch, a Tease(r) . . .

It’s nearly midnight in the Bad Lands and there’s still a few loose ends to tie up tight but I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about you.  Especially with all the new folks joining us from Facebook this week (“Hello out there!”) – I don’t want anyone catching me with my Witchy drawers down, y’kno?

What with the bustle of moving one batch of newbies along and shuffling another batch in, grandbaby business, monster-sized household improvements (complements of The Bad Husband), a long-distance family-in-law brouhaha, – oh, and very productive meetings with a fan-tab-u-lous publisher, I’ve been burning my candle at both ends.

I thought I might find time to shovel a few things aside this week and catch up on the Pagan Blog Project alphabet with: 

  • Mercury in retrograde – it’s finally over.
  • New newbies – a gust post from one of my lovelies.
  • Nudity – to robe or disrobe?
  • Ovamancy – waiting for my first eggs!
  • Passion – and what happens when we enflame ourselves with prayer.
  • Parentage – finding the past on
  • Quarks – just because.
  • Ragnarok – but – I’m open to suggestions.

See ya soon.


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