One Lovely Blog Award – Thanks!




Originally written on 7/23, on my way back to dry land and a much needed softshell Po’Boy.

Back in March, Kourtney honored me with a Versitile Blogger Award nomination and I had to bow out of the nomination process due to time constraints. This week, Neferet of Stay for a Spell has done me the honor of passing along a Lovely Blog Award nomination. And I feel like a real pinhead as I must bow out again. On vacation, on the high seas, with little to no internet access, I am typing up all of my blogs to publish when I arrive back in the states. (Prepare for a deluge – Oh, wait, if I do them in order this will be last, doi.)

But I do want to thank Neferet and other bloggers like her for your constant support, your joy at my joys and your sadness at my sorrows (believe me, this is actually rare to come by), and your friendship – yes, I consider many of you my friends and fellow seekers. Neferet, this came at a perfect time. Not exactly because of Abby, but because of the whole atmosphere in which I’ve been toiling – knowing that readers like you are out there and that I am touching you in some way makes all the little things fall like so much chaff.

I also I admire the tenacity of those, like Neferet, who participate in blogger awards. It’s no small thing to find, contact, and list fifteen bloggers worthy of these awards. (In my truncated efforts, see my blogroll to the right.)

To fulfill as many of the nomination’s requirements as I can, I will share 7 things with you (I’ll try not to repeat those I posted in March). I’ll try to also keep them to things I am learning about myself on vacation.

1. It took me two days on a cruise ship to get used to having people wait on me beck-and-call. Yes, yes. I too believe that I should always have a personally assigned waiter who dances for/with me after dinner, a constant and meticulous housekeeper who leaves my towels folded in animal shapes, a Michelin starred chef, and an entire staff dedicated to entertaining me and my children. But alas, when we finally get what we want, it sometimes takes a little acclimation.

2. I typically overpack, this time I underpacked. Hello, duty-free shop!

3. New Orleans makes my soul feel alright all the way up to the corners. Something about standing in Jackson Square (were I met Mama Lisa, BTW) makes me feel like I’m glowing from the inside.

4. I had a vegan friend ask me — and I realized that I cannot tell you what alligator tastes like. It doesn’t taste like chicken. It’s vaguely like turtle – only meatier and less fishy (but not altogether un-fishy). It’s not at all like rattle-snake. Once I realized I was attempting this feat with a vegan, I settled for, “Home.” Alligator tastes like an eider-down pillow wrapped in your toastiest fuzzy socks and favorite over-sized sweater.

5. It turns out that I have never had REAL tequila. Until today. The queen of the margaritas always thought Patron was “pretty good.” Upon touring a real distillery, I learned the difference. The difference is magnificent.

6. I love floppy hats. I love hats in general. I am a hat girl. My head is the right size and shape for hats and I look good in them – especially with giant Jacky O sunglasses and a silk scarf. But floppy hats? Yes, thank you. I love horse-show days for many reasons, but the opportunity to wear a floppy hat specifically coordinated with my show-mom sundress? Amen for horse-shows. (No ribbons on my hat, thanks. Those are for the horses only.) Amen for sunning at poolside. Amen for convertibles (when I have a hat-pin, of course). Amen for the Yucatan. Amen for floppy hats.

7. I am utterly blessed. I make friends easily and have met a veritable horde of new pals on-board (as long as I don’t say “War Eagle” in The Who Dat Nation), I keep (most/real) friends for an eternity and have a suitcase of chachkies to distribute to folks I’ve know since before Billy Ray Cyrus had a career, and I have people in my life that I can trust absolutely with my house, car, animals, children, and PIN number. KB, I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you give me every time I leave town. XO (Once I get back and start publishing these things, be sure to read: “The Bad Witch in Traffic.”)

My cruise director is calling me to the Lido deck for some line dancing. It’s goofy, yes. But I’m on vacation and it’s electric. (Boogie woogie, woogie.)

TBW signing off for now!

4 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award – Thanks!

  1. Savitri Ananda says:

    Sounds like we might have lived in the same town–I was in Auburn for a while, if that’s what your ‘War Eagle’ reference is to.

  2. Dana Bryant says:

    Your writing is extraordinary, Ehsha. There are so many nuggets of insight in every post. I really like the way you use pop culture to help me wrap my head around the spiritual content. I can’t thank you enough for the ways you have help me change the subtle ways I think about things in my everyday life.

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