The C Word

C is supposed to be for Chimera this week. But I just can’t get into the mythological/metaphorical end of it the way I normally do.

Yes, I know a Liger is a hybrid and not a chimera . . .

I have had some valuable realizations about Vanishing Twin Syndrome and have discovered that there are a lot of traits that are considered “symptomatic” for surviving twins (ambidexterity, some rather strongly “Gemini” personality traits, long-lived and unambiguous childhood “imaginary” friendships, etc.).

Asking about my in-vitro months also led to a fun little conversation with The Momma where we made lots of “There can be only one!” jokes and where she told me about the whack-a-doo dreams she had in the summer of 1970.[1] If you need to catch-up on that storyline, you can read s’more about my Yuletide coming-out.

(And for those who believe that I haven’t made it crystal clear[2] to her about who and what I am, I rekon you’ll be relieved to hear that she “believes full-well that we[3] need a better label that doesn’t have all that historical baggage.”[4]  And she sent me a Facebook message that said, “Happy Imbolc.” Squee. Adorable.[5])

Momma has always told me that she often thought that all of her kids have “great abilities” but that mine (I’m her youngest) are keener than the others’. This is true of my youngest too. It’s like all of the magic knew that this was the last chance to get born and so every last drop squeezed its way into her (and my?) tiny fairy-like body. This week, Momma added that she believed that with absorbing all of my brother’s nutrients and life-force[6] I also may have gotten all of his “abilities.” At that moment, it occurred to me that my youngest, my fairy-child, my force-of-nature-baby, is also a twinless twin too. Is there something to this?

Most of what I found to be true of most twinless twins is a little harder to get my brain wrapped around, let alone blog about it. Some of it is deeply personal and I always just passed these traits off as character idiosyncrasies – things I needed to “work on.” Now, while doing my own mirror-work  – as a result of having chased my tail too long last week, I find that what I really have to do is accept the things that I previously thought I needed to change. Like any good chimera, I’ve been fighting against my dualistic nature when what I need to do is accept my chimera-ness. Sounds bizarre, but I’m beginning to think that the healthiest route is to embrace my own conflictedness. Bad Witch, indeed.

  • So, I poked around in my bag of tricks and thought I might write about Calx. That could be fun. But I thought it would be redundant in light of my recent post on The Black Work.
  • I figured Cauldron would be done and that I wouldn’t be able to do the volumes justice.
  • And Chaos. (But here’s a great link to Open Path and Mr. Black’s definition of Chaos.)
  • The Bad Son asked for Cthulu. Overruled. I’m teaching vampires and zombies  this semester. Let’s keep the creatures in the classroom.
  • I also thought of Coven – I’m actually having a fairly interesting conversation about covens at the moment, but I thought I’d wait to see how that conversation plays out.
  • Also Celestial. Hmmmm.
  • China. It doesn’t have anything to do with magic but it’s where The Bad Hubby is this week. Being treated like corporate royalty, it seems. Merh.
  • And then there’s Cerridwen, Cernuous, Cairngorm, Cearcall and Sean Ciall – ah, maybe that’s on to something. After all, I haven’t had the chance to share everything my first mentor told me over winter break, have I? Yummy.
  • Then I ran across a magnificent definition for Cats[7]: “It is a deceitful animal, and when enraged, extremely spiteful (“Glossary.” Natural Magick: The Works and Life of John Baptist Porta). But, no. I’ve sworn off that wearisome subject, even if the cat hasn’t given up the chase. Ho-hum. [8]

And there’s the best of all C words – which I may have already worn thin, I mean, um – what do I mean?

So, I think I’ll settle on copping-out. (Copping out, in true Bad Witch form, is, as ever, more a comprehensive hypertextual compendium than an actual circumvention).

Ciao y’all!




This post is part of a year-long project. Rowan Pendragon’s The Pagan Blog Project; “a way to spend a full year dedicating time each week very specifically to studying, reflecting, and sharing . . . .    The project consists of a single blog post each week posted on prompt that will focus on a letter of the alphabet” (


[1] a.k.a. The Summer of Discontent, thank you very much.

[2] The Bad Witch recognizes that there are some folks who need to spell things out a little better for their kin, on account of having been, um, economical with the truth in the past, but TBW is not among them.

[3] “We”=Witches. “We”=her and me. She considers herself a Witch too, but she was raised by a *real* pseudo-Christianized Native American woman and just doesn’t like the word. I can respect that. But then again, I can respect just about anything my Momma ever did or said.

[4] My retort was, “That baggage isn’t mine, though.”

She just laughed and said, “No, honey. Ain’t nobody could make you clean up a mess that wasn’t yours.”

True. She’s right. Why in all creation would I poop-scoop someone else’s back yard when it’s their dogs that’s been ruining visitors’ shoes? My yard is clean.

[5] I’ll never not have her soft Creek-cheek against mine. There’s never been a question of anger, confusion, or disappointment. A few months ago, I didn’t know that. Good thing for me my Momma always knew.

[6] She put it a little more delicately. Having fallen incredibly far from that tree, The Bad Witch is nowhere near as genteel with language as the Momma who likes to say, “With a Ph.D. in English. She can’t come up with a better word than ‘fuck.’” If the profanity fits, Momma, I wear it.

[7] I showed my son the George Carlin bit about cats and eyebrows earlier today. Carlin states that while dogs have the ability to glean affection because “they have eyebrows,” cats “don’t have eyebrows,” they simply have “a bunch of shit sticking out of their heads.” It was one of the few times I’ve shown the kids Carlin where it did not end in mortification on both our parts.

[8] Maybe by the time I get to the “w” words later this year I’ll have absolutely nothing to say about it at all. But for now, while I’m still irked, how about Classless, Coworkers, Cantaloupe, Cacti, Crockpots – and some other choice C words?

3 comments on “The C Word

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  2. Loved your post… very interesting about the twinless twin and the possibility of having absorbed you twin’s gifts. I think that is very possible… I don’t see why not; it makes perfect sense to me 🙂

  3. […] me “evolved” in a hierarchical sense; I think this makes me a non-breeding mutant.  (Or a Chimera.) I also don’t think that this makes me useless. I mean, even mules have their uses and everybody […]

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