Home From The Holidays

Exhale . . .

The Bad Witch is home. And I find that I have more to share than I can comprehensibly segue in one post, so this will have to do.

I had the best, most loving, most difficult, most joyful, most exhausting, most validating holiday season I have ever had. Thanks to all of my friends and family[1] for waiting patiently for me to return emails, texts, phone calls, and whatnot. I think I may have my head screwed on straight again in a minute or so. I have been vacillating between desperation, elation, and needing to vomit – and none of this is bipolar-disorder, pregnancy, or menopause. It’s all due to legitimate external cause. Most of which I can share with you if you don’t mind non sequiturs.

Here are the highlights of the next few entries (in random order):

  • There was a wedding. Eighteen years ago.
  • Why Sissy won’t speak to me and other medical issues.
  • Yes, Virginia, there is a Red Box.
  • Beware the 28th of January.
  • The old stomping grounds: Chicago and Tuscumbia. (a.k.a. Why Rome is Rome and Athens is Athens and Decatur is Decatur)
  • How telling my momma that I’m Pagan is un/like Glee.
  • Why North Carolina ain’t Dixie and why you shouldn’t refer to yourself in third person unless you’re The Bad Witch (included in this post will be an attending reprimand for referring to oneself in acronym unless one is TBW).

Hope that’s vaguely tantalizing.

Thanks for being patient, ya’ll.

I wish you all the best of love, light, joy, peace, and health in 2012. I raise my chalice to you and offer a toast for your friendship, for your support, and for the best cyber-convo anyWitch could ask for.

[1] And *fans* – The Bad Witch has fans now and is getting “fan mail” of sorts; it’s both affirming and unnerving at the same time.

3 comments on “Home From The Holidays

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  2. […] Sean Ciall – ah, maybe that’s on to something. After all, I haven’t had the chance to share everything my first mentor told me over winter break, have I? […]

  3. […] in every unexpected corner (including dark closets, dammit) my brother-in-law’s house where I stayed over Christmas.  Helmets are about protection, right?[6] But . . . wha . . . that implies one needs protection or […]

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