By Jove, I’ve Got It

How’s “vesica”? As in  vesica piscis but without the weirdness of fish. Plus it has the lovely vvvvvvvvvv-ness at the front.

Yes, yes, there is “mandorla” but we use “aureola” for other girl-parts. IMO it’s the same thing. Almonds. Good for eye shapes and on top of yogurt. But unless there is a Yoni Puja going on . . . (*nods to Lady I.*)

And since you now know how my brain works (i.e. “cold” = winter-snowpants-eiderdown =”duck”), you know that I go from “aureola” straight on to “beer.” (Via “Corona,” I’m sure. – – – Which then takes me to “Father Brenner” via “nimbus.” And I need to stop thinking now.)

And, soooo? So what, it translates as bladder? No worse than sheath, right? After three live births, I can live with that.

Bladder. Yup. Ask the trampoline. (Ooh, TMI?)

Think about it. It’s definitely Western. It speaks to that sense of multiplicity and complexity that I was looking for. It has all of the concepts of divinity that The Bad Witch needs with just a hint of the mathematics that gets The Bad Witch off.

(OK, so a slathering of math. TBW is a whore for math. Especially really effing complex and/or theoretical math. And $35 Zinfandel, apparently.)

I love to play the flower-of-life shaped game (DaVinci’s Challenge) with my son – –

and now that I think about it, I will stop.

I still think the universe is shaped like Villarceau circles, or a kinda-lika-soccer-ball married to a Möbius strip.

And who doesn’t love doughnuts??

And we still use a set of Reuleaux polygons to make a triquetra. Right?

(Ferreal, right? That’s not rhetorical. I failed Algebra and had to go to summer school with Julie Corvette who wanted to beat me up after school every day for some reason. Ergo – – – Geometry? Aside from having a serious crush on Mr. ButIwonttellyouhisname? I was both hot for teacher and hot for geometry. There was a math I could cuddle up to. However, I only remember terms, not always their application. All else I learn from

Look! No footnotes! Just drunken paragraphs!

You guys have been great sports. Thanks!

4 comments on “By Jove, I’ve Got It

  1. I like vesica for the same reasons you do. I missed how we rejected vulva, though. It’s accurate, and it’s like the Scandanavian word for witch!

    • Volva, vulva. Yes. While we take it from the Latin homophone (the literal definition of volva in Latin is “wrapper”), it is neat that völva – while pronounced ever slightly differently – is near enough. For me, the coolest part is that the literal definition is related to wands – in Western traditions this has become oh, so phallic. But, using my Teutonic tradition, I aim to reclaim. You are beating me to the punchline of my current article.

  2. […] be objective. When I think of fish as a basic symbol, I think of the acrostic “IXTHUS” and the vesica piscis – but then, I’m always thinking of the vesica piscis these days. Of course, I think of the […]

  3. […] to come up with a better word and we all had some funtimes in the comments section for a lil bit. Then I settled on “Vesica.” It implied multiplicity and complexity—but it couldn’t be used as an adjective to counter […]

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