Who Won the BoS?

‘Tis The Bad Witch’s Birthday and y’all know that one of my favorite thing to do is give presents to people for whom I have a fondness.

My family took me out for a decadent brunch, they (sort of) cleaned up my house, they bestowed all of their loving lovableness upon me, (Oldest told me that the boyfriend is kaput, so hooray and happy birthday to me), and they are providing me with Chinese take-out as I polish off a bottle of Zin.

It’s time to give back.

So who won the December Book of Shadows?

That would be my lovely friend Sheryl. (Please tell me where you want it sent and what design you want and the color you prefer.) Keep it, give it as a Yule gift, whatever you like! XXOO, Sheryl. (I think you may have cast on this, just between you and me (and the entire internet). Good for you – I’m so glad!! I almost tee-teed when your name came up the winner.) If you just want one from my stock, let me know what kinds of things you like. If I don’t have one your favorite engraving on hand, send me a picture and I’ll custom make it just for you. Ferreal.

Great balls of fire, I may need to do one for Imbolc. I get so tickled.

So, to keep the tradition going – heck I may just do this eight times a year – I am extending the contest to February 1, 2011. Same rules, same everything.

Love and blessings to you all,



One comment on “Who Won the BoS?

  1. Sheryl says:

    Thanks so much !!! I am thrilled that I won!! Very nice surprise and thank you again!

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