Sunday Morning Love Fest

The Bad Witch woke up to so much love this morning it made her want to blog before coffee!

My phone told me that I had:

Eight likes on yesterdays tirade, six new likes on other posts, a special shout out from @WitchyLiving (NOLA) on Twitter (resulting in +11 followers in 2 hours) to which TBW says, “Thank you, my pretty!”, fifteen new FB follows on TBW and Open Path, loverly commentary from some of my dear old WordPress and Blogger friends and one from a loverly new friend at Raven Rin’s Pagan Nest (I take care of my kin, Raven & @WitchyLiving, you’ll see), and some nice kudos on FB as well.

Thanks, I needed that!

So now I see –  you like it when The Bad Witch strikes back.

Well, I’ve been holding out on you. You see, yours truly has been writing Memoirs of A Bad Witch and is set to finish the MMS by Yule. Revision begins today (note to self, draw more blood).

What dirty-little details do y’all wanna know? There’s still time to sneak them in.

B, Q, 93,


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