The Bad Granny


The Bad Witch is going to be a grandmaw. Sort of.


My first initiate, The Bad Student, is having a bebeh. And The Bad Witch loooooves behbhes. A lot.

I love bebehs so much, I might make her a little gingerbread house so I can lure her in and gobble her up. But not really. I do plan to plump her up though.


3 comments on “The Bad Granny

  1. […] Adopted is coming over today to show off her baby-bump,  have lunch, get some Bad Witch lovin’, make crafties, and have a long-overdue lesson on energy […]

  2. […] girl made her way into the world this morning with very little trouble. At least that’s The Bad Granny’s perspective – I didn’t have to do any of the real […]

  3. […] talk about The Bad Adoptee, I’m sure. Well, I ain’t gonna tell you no more until she brings me The Bad Grandbaby again. […]

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