Autumn Blessings

I want to wish you all blessings of a beautiful harvest.
What a tradition values, it celebrates. There are many that keep to lunar and solar time that see the changing of the seasons as a sacred revelation of the deity of our universe. I’m one of them.
But there are many others that celebrate this day for the bounty of the Earth, for the fertility of the female body (as in Norse traditions), for the

Zoroastrian celebration of Mehregan

expression of love and friendship (as in Zoroastrianism). Though we may commemorate different things, we all meet in the same place. After all, we live on the same planet and it goes around the same way for everyone. Love is (always, no matter who you are) the law, love under will.

Whatever you celebrate, do it with your soul on fire. And remember that across the globe, there are many others getting groovy right along with you.
Take a deep breath of autumn air, feel the change in the season and the change within your self. Find small blessings where they arrive.
Blessings, Quarks, 93!

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