Welcome to The Bad Witch Files

Too many solitaries are out there, cautiously and carefully picking their path, casting and writing and collecting, going it alone, wishing there was someone to lend a broom handle. Some are gloriously finding their way, some are mucking it up. Those who are like I was, are doing a little of both.

If you find yourself wishing that there was some way to have a mentor without joining a coven or coven-like group, this blog is for you. My affinities are for formal, esoteric, Western mystery traditions, but I tend to teach the most basic “earth” magic to beginners. I like to tease that I don’t think “chaos” is a four letter word (but the humor embedded in that joke is typically overlooked). But I also encourage a straightforward path to those new to The Craft. If you want to study Thelema or Theurgy, I’m your gal. But only after you’ve learned to walk the walk.

Occasionally I will post various levels of training lessons: initiate, novice, and adept. Beyond these, you are welcome to contact me.

This is how it will work.  I will post weekly lessons alternating novice / adept / novice / adept. As situations arise, I will post reflections and commentary. You will be able to sort through the posts by using the categories to your right.


You should visit Open Path Sanctuary at OPSTemplumGnostica.webs.com for training options.

You are welcome to email me (abadwitch@yahoo.com) for one-on-one instruction – within reasonable limits.  If I can’t help you, chances are, I have a contact who can.


To be clear, I am not building a coven. I am not Wiccan and cannot grant degrees in Wicca. I practice and teach eclectic witchcraft, and I practice a little more (ok, a lot more) “hard-core” than I teach.

This has become a labor of love. My profile will tell you, “I was reminded that one of the obligations of a High Priestess is to record knowledge suitable for dissemination.” This blog is my service to the Craft. Here, I fulfill my obligation to record and disseminate knowledge. It is also the connection between you and me, teacher and student. For whatever reason, you are ready just at the time that I have decided to break out of my solitary shell and start teaching. Online, no less! There are no accidents.

As I said in “The Bad Witch at the Watering Hole,” my introductory blog:

When you are going it alone, the trouble comes when you don’t have someone to tell you what *not* to do. I figure that there are plenty of books out there to show you how to cast, how to write spells, how to fire sigles, how to call the quarters, and how to celebrate Beltane (with your clothes both on and off). But aside from the obligatory, “harm none,” there seems to be no one willing to record the flipside of magic.

Initiates: If you would like to be initiated in person, we can make arrangements; I live in the North American Southeast, about an hour from Atlanta, GA.

Novice: If you would like to serve your year-and-a-day apprenticeship with me via Open Path, you may contact me through email (abadwitch@yahoo.com). Know that I only accept students above the age of consent in their state, but if you are between thirteen and eighteen and your parent/guardian consents, I am willing to work with you after some consultation.

Adept: If you have already been initiated (self or otherwise) and have been practicing for more than a year, there will be intermediate instruction for you. You are welcome to email me (abadwitch@yahoo.com) for instructions.

Beyond: If you are a practicing solitary and have reached an adept level and you want someone to bounce ideas around with, or if you simply want to expand your knowledge of the Craft, there will be both reflective and informational posts for you as well. I don’t feel as if a Witch who has been practicing long enough to consider himself or herself an adept needs the kind of instruction I feel comfortable posting on the world-wide web. But, you are always welcome to contact me (abadwitch@yahoo.com) with individual questions. If I can’t help you, chances are, I have a contact who can.

Now, if you require my services, that may be a different story depending on the task. Once we get to know each other a little, I will craft general spells or specific spells for you to cast on your own; but I will also cast for you. I’m good. I know I said I’m a Bad Witch, but I’m very good at it. My spells work. I will do tarot readings, astrological readings, and psychic readings (my forte) via email. I’m not a charlatan; I have a “day job” and I don’t charge more than the materials cost –  unless you ask for something extensive. Then I simply ask for a donation (in an amount at your discretion) for my time and energy. You should contact me through email (abadwitch@yahoo.com) to make arrangements.

You can also go to The Wyrd Sister page linked here and above.

Until next time, blessings, quarks, and 93!